Get the Most Advanced Technology and Support from Your Orthodontist

When you contact a Loveland CO orthodontist for the first time, you might be surprised to see the remarkable support that the clinic can provide you with. From highly efficient dentistry services to advanced orthodontics technology that was not even envisioned a few years ago, there are many possible benefits to consider.

Also, the great thing about a Loveland orthodontist is that you have access to the clinic and facilities of a kind, reliable and passionate dental practitioner who is up to date with the newest procedures and technologies in the world of orthodontics.

New Advancements in Orthodontics

If you were disappointment in the past by the limitations of modern orthodontics, that should no longer be a problem with the new equipment and procedures that are available at some of the most modern clinics in Colorado. Loveland is at the forefront in this regard, and most of the orthodontics experts here are well-read and knowledgeable about the most recent advancements in orthodontics and all the related areas of expertise.

In the past 20 years, modern orthodontics has evolved a great deal. Today, the introduction of equipment like cone beam CT scanners has revolutionized orthodontists’ approach to diagnosing problems, and has led to many successful procedures that would not even have been attempted back in the old days.

Titanium mini-screws are also available to make orthodontists’ job easier. These miniature screws are used to secure a point of anchoring for the purpose of preventing unwanted movement in newly restored or realigned teeth – especially molars.

Clear braces are also a new advancement that has become extremely popular as of late. Products like Invisalign are now available for patients who want a beautiful smile without having to deal with the unpopular appearance of metal braces. This is a particularly good advancement when it comes to kids and teenagers who are experiencing a lot of difficulty being bullied or isolated at school, just because they’re wearing braces.

Probably the most significant advancement in modern orthodontics has been the introduction of improved, self-ligating braces that place less pressure on the teeth. Unlike older designs, these braces use a passive slide mechanism that not only makes the treatment much more comfortable by reducing friction between the teeth, but also ensures better and faster results than conventional twin brackets with elastic ligatures.

Book Your Appointment at a Friendly Colorado Orthodontist

teen girl pointing at dental bracesIf you want an appointment at short notice, you’ll soon see that Lakewood orthodontists move very fast. You can call without any reservations and schedule your appointment straight away, often the same day or just a day apart. An expert orthodontist will see you and schedule you for an x-ray or provide you with a more thorough diagnosis using a cone beam CT scanner.

As you will see, as soon as you book your appointment with a dependable Loveland CO orthodontist, you will be provided with care, support and information when it comes to the preventive measures used in orthodontics, and you will even be able to save a lot of money in the long run by avoiding expensive procedures.