How Do You Start Couples Counseling?

Happy Couple Finishing Marriage CounselingCouples counselling is a form of therapy conducted by a specialized therapist, with the participation of both partners, as an attempt to improve or to restore romantic relationships through resolving the conflicts that have arisen between the partners over time and by helping the partners express and acknowledge their feelings to themselves and to each other. The process is complex and often lengthy and it often involves intense feelings and pain.

Starting couples marriage counseling Castle Rock CO offers is usually the result of a process of acknowledging the existence of relationship problems by both partners, it comes after multiple discussions about the possible solutions to their problems and it is grounded on the intention of both parties to resolve those problems. If you and your partner is in this phase, here is how to start therapy.

Search Online for the Right Counselor

While word of mouth recommendations are usually great, reliable sources of information about any type of specialist, most people are reluctant to admit that they are having relationship issues even to their friends and family, so personal recommendations might not be the best resource in this case. Fortunately, there are lots of great online resources that you can use to find a specialist – the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy is one of the professional organization that you can turn to for information and many couples counselors also have their own websites where they describe their experience in the field of couples therapy and their approach to helping their patients.

Call for Appointments

The relationship between the couple and the therapist should be one of complete trust, therefore the personality of the counselor and of the partners need to match. Prepare a list with the couples therapists available in your area, then schedule a meeting with the first specialist on your list, but don’t be shy or afraid to say goodbye to that therapist if you feel that you don’t like or don’t trust the person. Be polite, but don’t be stuck with a therapist that you don’ feel comfortable talking to – continue calling therapists and attending appointments until you find the person that you and your partner can share your innermost thoughts and emotions with.

Be Prepared for Activities

Couples therapy often relies on activities requested by the therapist and executed by the partners outside the therapist’s office. You and your partner might be asked to keep a journal of any thought, feelings or events relevant for the therapy or you might be asked to perform certain activities or exercises together, such as hugging for a specific amount of time each day or expressing your appreciation for your partner each day. Don’t neglect these activities and requests – in the beginning, they might seem ridiculous, embarrassing or difficult, but couples therapists know why they give you the tasks and you will surely see the benefits soon.

Be Prepared for Attending Sessions on Your Own as well as with Your Partner

In certain situation, your therapist might want to meet only you or only your partner to find out about the progress that you have achieved individually.