Looking For A Urologist In Houston? Here Are The Qualities To Look For In A Good Specialist

Urology is typically one the most challenging specialties in the medical field; in the Houston area, urology is also one of the busiest practices – urological conditions account 20% of acute hospital referrals.  Urogynecology Houston practices are very sought after for their expertise in this field.

Keep Your Kidney’s Healthy

Urologists are doctors trained and specialized in diagnosing and treating problems of the urinary system and genitourinary tract affecting kidneys (stones, infections, tumors), bladder (congenital disorders, incontinence), urethra (obstructions, infections), prostate (tumors) or reproductive organs (impotence, sterilization, infertility) etc. By the nature of their work, urologists work with male and female patients of all ages. Emergencies in this medical branch are relatively rare, but occasionally they may be a part of a day`s work. Urologists perform diagnosis, treatment and surgeries; they use modern minimally invasive and robot-assisted technology, which besides extensive training, also requires many other different qualities.

These specialists must have great communication skills that allow them to talk with patients on a personal level and make them feel comfortable with that. Urology often involves delicate issues and discussions that may be a serious obstacle to sensitive patients. And let`s not forget that, in some cases, these doctors also work with children and must be able to handle their attitude.

The best urologists are those who develop long lasting relationships with their patients because this attitude is a proof of their level of professionalism translated into the goal to make lasting improvements.

Here are the skills and qualities to look for in urologists, classified in a couple of relevant categories.

  • Social qualities

They like working with people, they are social, realistic and investigative. As all doctors, urologists must be empathetic, use their skills and common sense to understand their patients` feelings, generate positive energy, be open and caring. Urologists must be very good at making deductions and solve problems. They should be interesting in learning constantly, reading and studying everything that is new in their medical branch, be curious and independent thinkers

  • Personal qualities

Urologists must be realistic persons, body-oriented and concentrated on problems that they can resolve, rather than on ideas, data or people. They must definitely be responsible, willing to confront challenging situations, reliable and dependable. There is no question about the fact that all doctors must be able to fulfill their obligations. Urologists must be detail-oriented, patients, showing precision, initiative and dependability, being able to work as a team and having great manual dexterity.


The advantages and disadvantages of being a urologist

The fact that these healthcare specialists perform many surgeries constitutes both an advantage and a disadvantage, as it can be challenging, rewarding but also exhausting. Urology deals with so many problems that there is no monotony and no day will be the same. In the Houston area, urology is one of the highest paying surgical specialties, and it benefits from advanced technology.

The disadvantages include the long and hard training, as well as long and complex work hours. Last but not least, it is a male dominated field, which is a disadvantage considering that statistics clearly show that female patients tend to prefer lady doctors.