The Use of Technology in Alcohol Treatment Systems

Alcohol treatment systems have entered the online environment. Using the Internet, people can:

  • Identify their problem through online research or through specialized programs; and rehab centers in Denver;
  • Understand what their close ones are going through and search for the best treatments using the various search engines available;
  • Contact support groups on their websites, email or social pages;
  • Contact help centers and physicians by email.

And this is just for the patient – care interaction. The medical staff also benefit from technology in order to provide the best treatments and care.


Currently, research is being conducted to implement phone applications through which patients can still receive support after leaving the rehab facilities and can stay in touch with the staff there or with the friends they made during their stay. The applications, compatible with smartphones, would be connected to the computer of a care manager, also having proactive controls, such as an anti-relapse system, automatic motivation, transferring data autonomously, adaptability options for those with hearing or visual impairments and much more.


All these technologically advanced alcohol treatment systems have only one purpose – to reduce risky drinking or relapses, while reaching out to the modern man.