When Is It Necessary to Have A Tooth Extracted?

Our teeth are very strong and they endure a lot – we chew on hard foods all the time, we drink ice-cold and hot things, some people even use them to open bottles. All these hardships as well as many other conditions unrelated to what we eat and drink can lead to tooth decay that can no longer be solved with tooth filling, root canal treatment or with the implementation of crowns, the only solution being the removal of the damaged tooth. Here are some situations that can only be solved through dental extraction.

Severely Damaged Teeth

Teeth that have broken off below the gum line and can no longer be filled or otherwise reconstructed can only be treated through extraction and so are the teeth the decay of which has become so extensive that the deepest layers of the tooth are affected. Extraction might also be the best solution to treat teeth that have become infected in areas that cannot be cleaned, such the tip of the root.

Extraction is also the best treatment option for teeth that have been treated several times and the fillings on the surface of the tooth and the sealing applied in the root canal can no longer be redone.

Teeth Affected by Severe Impact or Accidents

The teeth that have suffered damage because of severe impact, such as a very hard blow to the face or the impact caused by an accident might also need to be extracted. Such serious impact can cause damage not only to the visible part of the tooth, but it might also cause fractures to appear at the level of the roots, case in which removal is the only option.

Diseases that Affect the Bone and the Gums

Gum disease and osteoporosis are both known to weaken the teeth and to make them loose. A loosely fitting tooth is a tooth that no longer fits into its socket perfectly and is surrounded by a gap, rather than by ligaments. During eating and drinking, the gap can become filled with residues that are hard or impossible to remove and lead to the proliferation of bacteria and to toothache. Unfortunately, loose teeth cannot be made tight-fitting again, so they need to be removed.

Dental Crowding

Tooth extractions might be necessary to realign the patient’s teeth. Misaligned teeth might be caused by dental crowding, meaning that the teeth in the patient’s mouth don’t have sufficient space to occupy the correct position, the most common tooth that cause such problems being the last molars in the rows called wisdom teeth. Extracting one or several teeth from strategic places can solve the problem, even if the removed teeth are perfectly healthy, the gap left behind by the removed teeth offering the necessary space for the rest of the teeth to become properly aligned. The extractions performed for realignment purposes are usually not used as stand-alone procedures, but as parts of a longer process of realignment with the help of braces or other types of aligners.

Tooth extraction can be a painful and anxiety driven experience. Looking for a professional, experienced, sedation dentistry Castle Rock practice is the best way to make sure you have the best experience possible.

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